Game Night

The first quote was perfect. Like actually perfect, given the state of how my Camp vows turned, and how I’ll just barely scrape by the 20K word count I set myself instead of soaring up, up, and away. Okay, so maybe daily posting was ambitious for someone who knows they will struggle and give up […]

Any Little Thing

So the other day, I was hungry and tired and needed to finish my errands before going home. However, I was also in the middle of doing some things with folks for a video game: something really small and stupid happened and I found myself just having a breakdown. It was pretty charming, and I […]

A Live-In

So this week was Pokemon Go week, in which I spent a good amount of time outside (in the sun!) and walking around and being oh-so-tired when I come back that all I want is a shower (okay, bath, but that’s somehow more effort and a time investment) and to go to bed. This is […]

Work, Work

So this always happens in week three. I start NaNo, week one is a pain in the butt, week two goes well, week three, my muse absolutely dies from the overwork and here I am, with absolutely no muse going into week four. History, however, tells me I’ll power through this week too, and it’ll […]

Warning! People!

I had a very social day, and I think it was a bit too social. At the same time, one of my friends sent me a message saying that he’s a bit over loaded with seeing people, but if he stops to take a personal day, he would get behind. When one day of seeing […]

Shall We Dance?

Sooo sleepy. Why do I push this off until the last parts of my day? Oh, because people are around earlier and I get easily distracted and deadlines are the only thing that keeps my butt in shape at this point. All right, I guess it’s time to swing back over to Izzy, John, and […]

Looking Up

Help, I fell into drama-land and I can’t get up! Dear Toasted Cheese, please help save me and my thoughts. Who are we summoning today? I don’t know. “I used to be obsessed with _____. I have no regrets.” “Oops, I missed one.” “Tell me again why I used to like this?” “If there’s nothing […]