Off You Go

So I was ahead on posting and took a day off for the weekend. This does mean, however, that this post will have to go up before midnight so I am actually on schedule. I can do that, right? Especially with how easy this post should be. Should, being the operative word. [This was not […]

Mire… Ire

Toasted Cheese had some wonderful topic starters, and I happened to come across three absolutely perfect lines that made Izzy jump out at me, her voice in my mind just nagging the heck out of poor Hugh. Good news, my muse is online. Bad news, I started a new show that’s a little stupid but […]

A Weekend Off

So last night (okay, the pre-sleep period that actually happened after midnight and before 5 am), I stayed up and read the other 95% of the book I had started earlier yesterday. I made a decision earlier in the week to buy Kindle Unlimited with the Prime day sales and told myself that if I […]

A Quiet Moment

Still question starved. I went back to Toasted Cheese for my statements to tie together, and I hope this works out as well as I hope. [This ended up sort of getting away from me, but hey, I got to develop new-ish characters! That was fun.] Use the following phrases: “I still have to live […]

Money, Money, Money

So today is Amazon Prime day. The day where I get very little done and look at Amazon all day… at least, that’s what it should be, right? What will probably really happen is that, after this post, I will fall asleep for ten hours, wake up, forget all about it for the afternoon, and […]

Hush Hush!

Words are hard. Why did I agree to this challenge again? What’s the biggest secret you’ve had to deal with? Was it your secret, or a secret you had to help keep? Did you keep it?

Zippy One-Liners

So I’m already desperate for ideas and it’s day eight and I skipped yesterday and this really isn’t going very well. Oh well, I did find a new site, called Toasted Cheese which is such a great name, and they give odd little prompts. Most of them aren’t questions, but I think some of the […]