Shall We Dance?

Sooo sleepy. Why do I push this off until the last parts of my day?

Oh, because people are around earlier and I get easily distracted and deadlines are the only thing that keeps my butt in shape at this point. All right, I guess it’s time to swing back over to Izzy, John, and Ryssa and the scene that should practically write itself. Or not.

Twelve more days, or 6,574 words, whichever comes first. This has been good practice though, I’ll give it that.

  • “Tell me again why that’s wrong?”
  • “This song makes me want to dance!”
  • “This is the job I’ve dreamed of.”

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Looking Up

Help, I fell into drama-land and I can’t get up!

Dear Toasted Cheese, please help save me and my thoughts. Who are we summoning today? I don’t know.

  • “I used to be obsessed with _____. I have no regrets.”
  • “Oops, I missed one.”
  • “Tell me again why I used to like this?”
  • “If there’s nothing there, I just _______”

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Off You Go

So I was ahead on posting and took a day off for the weekend. This does mean, however, that this post will have to go up before midnight so I am actually on schedule. I can do that, right? Especially with how easy this post should be. Should, being the operative word. [This was not successful, it is after midnight, which means two posts on Monday! Great!]

I found a new character today! Thanks, Toasted Cheese. I needed something to help me along this month, and you’ve been doing quite well for me so far. I realised after I finished my post that when the topic said holiday, they probably meant things like Christmas, not a vacation. Oh well! You know where my mind was today.


  • A character hates holidays.
  • Filing a report before the work is done
  • “Never thought I’d see the day that…”
  • “I’ve never heard ______ used as a swear word.”

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Mire… Ire

Toasted Cheese had some wonderful topic starters, and I happened to come across three absolutely perfect lines that made Izzy jump out at me, her voice in my mind just nagging the heck out of poor Hugh.

Good news, my muse is online. Bad news, I started a new show that’s a little stupid but weirdly okay at this point. It’s a CW show though, which means that it will go downhill. At least I knew this going in, but, until that point, I’ll be more distracted than usual.

Use the following:

  • Sign on door: “Closed for _____.”
  • The cupboard is bare.
  • This place is not very old.

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A Weekend Off

So last night (okay, the pre-sleep period that actually happened after midnight and before 5 am), I stayed up and read the other 95% of the book I had started earlier yesterday. I made a decision earlier in the week to buy Kindle Unlimited with the Prime day sales and told myself that if I read at least one book a month it was worth it. Turns out, since I’m currently jobless, I’m at three books so far this week. Totally worth it.

Today’s Toasted Cheese topic conveniently addresses both sleep and being nocturnal, which I feel like I am slowly becoming.

[The set up did get a bit away from me, but that’s a good thing, as it probably means that, despite my lack of ideas for a topic, my muse has decided to actually pull its weight.]


  • Write about someone who’s nocturnal.
  • “How much sleep did you get last night?”
  • “Can we make this bigger?”
  • “I can’t believe it’s Friday already.”

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A Quiet Moment

Still question starved. I went back to Toasted Cheese for my statements to tie together, and I hope this works out as well as I hope.

[This ended up sort of getting away from me, but hey, I got to develop new-ish characters! That was fun.]

    Use the following phrases:

  • “I still have to live with you tomorrow.”
  • “Who says it doesn’t snow in _____?”
  • “I really won’t have time for this next week.”
  • “You should definitely try it.”

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Money, Money, Money

So today is Amazon Prime day. The day where I get very little done and look at Amazon all day… at least, that’s what it should be, right? What will probably really happen is that, after this post, I will fall asleep for ten hours, wake up, forget all about it for the afternoon, and then stalk it for the rest of the day, very well aware that I am currently unemployed.

Ah, well, it’s probably for the best anyway. At least this gives me a topic of the day, and that, I can’t complain about.

If you had all the money ever, what would you do with it?

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