Any Little Thing

So the other day, I was hungry and tired and needed to finish my errands before going home. However, I was also in the middle of doing some things with folks for a video game: something really small and stupid happened and I found myself just having a breakdown. It was pretty charming, and I had a moment of wondering, what would my characters do?

Do you have days when the smallest little thing just turns you into an emotional wreck?

Emmy smiled, compassion in her grey gaze. “Often. I get engrossed in my art and spent hours staring at one piece and making adjustments. Sometimes, the only reason I realise how late it gets is when I can’t, for the life of me, make something work and I want to trash the whole project in frustration.”

“It’s not a pretty sight,” her sister added. “Then she looks up, realise that it’s been pretty much the whole day and she’s only eaten whatever she’s stashed by her desk that day, and have to find food.” Laynie coughed. “Or if I manage to swing by in the evening and have to interrupt her, and she’s quite fearsome when first awoken from her zombie-stare.”

“Oh, hush, Laynie. You have no room to talk when three-year-olds make you want to break down at times.”

“Ky can be quite vicious!” Laynie’s protest was half-hearted. She loved her job, loved the Parker children, and loved going where ever the Parker family went when they travelled. The children were like her own, and she could see why the Parkers had wanted a nanny in the first place. Kyrian was three, and Victoria was creeping up to the dreaded twos, and the two of them made quite a fearsome team. “Somehow he and Vic asks some really good questions that I simply don’t have the answers to or truths that I’ve somehow yet to realise but they have and it’s really quite stunning.”

“Oh, so terrifying,” Emmy teased.

“Just wait until you get saddled with Steffi’s kids and you’re perpetually tired and grumpy but have to seem nice and friendly and pleasant to the children,” her sister smirked. “You’ll get it then. At that point, something minuscule, like Vic wanting to pick out her own shoes, and refusing to take no for an answer, taking half an hour, and then deciding on the pair she wears every day, that makes you want to just give up for the day.”

“Are you sure this is the right job for you?” Steffi asked with a smile. “You could come bake all day with me and only see children for the briefest of moments.”

Laynie laughed, shaking her head. “Just because you’re taking full advantage of your current child free situation doesn’t mean I would like to participate. Besides, we all know my strong suit is, and really, just had to be, cooking since Emmy’s idea of food involves freezer meals, take away, us, or in a very rare situation when she remembers beforehand, using a slow cooker.”

“Yeah, between the two of you, you’re one functioning human, and I’m a leech,” Emmy was perfectly fine with her assessment. She probably could cook if she tried, but found very little reason — and often times, time — to. “Maybe a useful leech at times, but mostly just a semi-functioning creature.”

Her comment elicited a giggle from her sisters, but no protest. “Well, I’ve got to say, being around cakes and sweets all day makes it very hard to get super irritable and break down. Just pop in a chocolate morsel and keep going.” Steffi paused, smirking, “maybe cry into a batter or two, the extra liquid might even be fortifying.”

“Oh, yes, totally.” The sisters were super close to each other, and hardly a few days pass without them seeing the other in one way or another. As far as Laynie’s young charges were concerned, Naynee, Deffi, and Em were family. Laynie had been working hard to get at least Kyrian to get the ‘l’ and ‘s’ right on their names, but the boy was stubborn and was fine with calling them what he had been ever since he first formulated their names. At this point, there was no hope for Vic either, who had taken after her brother and was really struggling with the harder consonants.

“Luckily, the occasion is rare enough that I think my customers are safe. You two, less so, but…”

Emmy grinned. “Whatever, we share DNA anyway. What’s a few tears between sisters?”


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